Ridout Associates specialise in timber decay surveys, insect infestation analysis (including termite control) and environmental monitoring. We are experienced independent consultant biologists, providing advice that deals with dry rot, wet rots, deathwatch beetle, furniture beetle and other building pathology problems.

Timber decay and insect infestations

By using a scientific approach to infestations and decay, we are able to provide long term recommendations based on environmental modifications. Our approach minimises remedial treatments and provides clients with a cost effective method of solving current problems and reducing the risk of future decay.

Termite control

We have undertaken consultancy work on termite control in Turkey, Morocco, Bahrain, India, Greece, Vietnam, Myanmar and Turks and Caicos. We employ the same environmental control approach to termite advice as to domestic timber pests. We have achieved good results with minimal use of pesticides.

Environmental monitoring

Monitoring environments and specific parts of the building’s fabric can provide useful information as to the distribution of water and its interaction with the building. This information can be factored into drying regimes and other aspects of conservation, repair or renovation works.

We are particularly experienced in providing independent consultant advice on water movement and the risks of timber decay following fire damage and flooding in buildings.

Non-destructive techniques employed include:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Fibre optics
  • Micro decay probe
  • Species identification using microscopic techniques